international logistics and forwarding services

Arranging freight transport

by rail, road, river and sea

Specialization mainly in rail transport:

  • national and international transport of goods by European and non-European railways
  • arranging transports by block trains, in groups of wagons and as individual wagon consignments
  • grouping of individual consignments from various European countries in Ostrava and subsequent creation of block trains heading to the desired European destinations
  • selecting the optimal route with the aim to cut down costs
  • monitoring the movement of consignments in transport
  • ordering railway wagons
  • arranging rental of railway wagons to transport consignments

Combining suitable modes of transport

Optimized transport combinations that are cost-effective and logistically most advantageous for customers while reflecting changes in transport flows worldwide.

Services in European ports

Logistics and forwarding services with the connection to major European ports and terminals, especially the ports of Szczecin, Gdynia, Gdańsk, Rjeka and Koper.

Transhipment and storage options

Finding the most favourable location for storage and handling of goods.

  • service at transhipment points from Belarus and Ukraine
  • storage of various commodities within Europe
  • transhipment and storage in Ostrava and its surroundings

Consulting services in railway transport

Advising on optimal solutions, including auxiliary services, according to specific requirements of customers.